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3 min readJan 20, 2024


Blockchain technology is ever evolving, and at KOY Network, we’re ecstatic to be at the forefront of this transformation. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the updated KOY block explorer, a leap forward in our blockchain interface and user experience and keeping our promise to the community of providing seamless experience.

What’s New in the KOY Block Explorer?

Network Node Map: Get a bird’s-eye view of our blockchain network with our new network node map. It’s an intuitive way to visualize the strength and reach of our network.

Network Node Map

Graphical Transaction Histories: Visualizing your transaction history is now easier and more informative, with graphical enhancements that provide clearer insights at a glance.

Graphical improvements make it much easier to understand at a glance.

Visual Enhancements for Better Clarity: Our graphical improvements are designed to make information more readable and user-friendly as seen on the image above.

Anchor Wallet Integration: Manage your $KOYN tokens more efficiently. With the integration of Anchor Wallet, you can easily login, interreact and perform transactions (note: unstaking is temporarily disabled).

User-Friendly Smart Contracts: We’ve made smart contracts more understandable. Now, they clearly explain their purpose, making blockchain more accessible to everyone.

Custom Identicons: Introducing custom identicons! They add a personal touch to your account while prioritizing your privacy.

Coming Soon — KOYstumize Your Experience: We’re excited about the upcoming feature that lets you customize your identicon. Add a personal flair to your digital identity in the KOY ecosystem!

As we roll out these new features, we continue to prioritize your data security and privacy.

Learn more and join the discussion about these new features in our Telegram group. Your feedback is appreciated as we continue to innovate and improve.

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